Droning on About Privacy

Even as certain unnamed world leaders are suggesting people inject disinfectants to treat COVID-19 (…), tracing efforts at least are moving ahead more rapidly than expected.  European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Thierry Breton reports Tim Cook will deliver an early version of Apple’s and Google’s contact tracing tech to developers on April 28. […]

Tracking the Spread

While most of us are getting used to the new normal of quarantine and social distance, for tech companies it is a brave new world of close collaboration. We looked at the mutually beneficial partnership between long-time frenemies Apple and Amazon, and now Apple has entered into an unprecedented, globally beneficial relationship with perpetual rivals […]

Pandemics, Paid Streaming, and the Pace of Progress

Tigger, Self-portrait, 2020 We said we weren’t going to talk about anything related to…the situation this week, but COVID-19 has woven itself into everything and altered the way we live, the way we work, and the way we look to the future. Or, more specifically to today’s column, the speed with which the future is […]

The Innovator’s Pandemic

Before we begin, a quick note about the historical moment we find ourselves in: We are in the midst of an unprecedented, global crisis. None of us have ever experienced anything like it, and it’s difficult to know how to react from day to day. It’s OK if you find yourself snacking a lot while […]

Help Wanted, Help Offered

Hackathon  Last week we talked about the amazing response from the tech sector to the coronavirus — how 3D printers, app developers, and content creators are devoting their time to helping others during this unprecedented crisis.  This week we’ll tell you how you can help. Thursday Devpost announced the global COVID-19 online hackathon, open to all […]

Hacking to Heal

Every day there’s a new development in the global story that is the coronavirus. And because a lot of those developments are distracting, you might not notice the many that are also deeply hopeful. People around the globe are working day and night on products that could ease the burden on the medical community and […]

Look for the Helpers

There is certainly no shortage of worry right now. And it would be easy to just give you a bulleted list of the closures and cancellations, projections and grey particulars of pandemic life.  But today we’d rather focus on the bright spots of hope. They’re there if you look. From Italians in quarantine singing on […]