Where Have All the Devs Gone?

Last week another 3 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance, bringing the 8-week total to 36.5 million. Before COVID-19 took hold, unemployment was at a 50-year low. Now it’s at its highest point since the Great Depression. Labor shortages are a given. This is an unprecedented disruption in manufacturing and in shipping; crops go unharvested; […]

The 4 Forces Applied: Why Microsoft’s Conversion Tool Won’t Entice iOS Developers To Windows

Microsoft’s newly announced conversion tool for bringing iOS code to Windows will not be compelling enough to move developers over. The 4 Forces help explain why. The 4 Forces are a lens used to look at why people decide to change their behavior to use a new product or service. It is a wonderfully helpful […]

Why Focus Groups Lead to Horrible Software

  The first rule of great product development is: Don’t ask the customer what they want. But why? Well, customers have no idea what they want. More importantly, they can’t tell you why they really buy your product. I love the Henry Ford’s quote, “If I’d of asked people what they wanted, they would have […]

BDD Toolbox: Happy Path/Sad Path

BDD Toolbox is an ongoing set of posts to give you tools to aid in the process of doing Behavior Driven Development well. Today we’ll take a look at Happy Path/Sad Path – a tool to ensure you’ve captured success and failure cases for all of your scenarios. Happy Path/Sad Path is a way of […]

From Waterfall to Agile

When we began BiTE, we were a fixed price/scope studio. And while we were small, this model worked. Mobile was in its infancy, so projects were relatively straightforward. During these early days, we could grind out change on nights and weekends even if it wasn’t ‘in-scope.” Fixed Scope Pitfalls But as mobile started to grow […]

From Manual Testing to BDD in Mobile App Development

Over our seven year history, we have evolved our software development and QA processes significantly. We started app development knowing mobile was the future, but back then our QA process was decidedly retro. We manually tested our software on each device, plodding through the same test scripts over and over in iOS on a host […]

What Shoveling Snow Taught Me About Making Great Mobile Apps

How shoveling snow this winter helped me contemplate what makes great software I live at the top of a steep and twisting driveway that quickly turns into what I’ve described to my team in Slack as “a snowy deathcoaster”. While spending a few hours trying to end my family’s snow-exile, my mind drifted to thoughts […]

Jobs To Be Done, Good Enough and Your Mobile App

  The basics behind Clayton Christensen Jobs-to-be-done theory is that customers buy or “hire” products and services to do jobs. Some of those jobs are quite clear: I hire the metro to take me from point A to point B. But there are other jobs for which people might hire the metro: to be eco-friendly, […]