Autonomy and Autocrats

Autonomy on Two Wheels Unless you’re completely shutting out all transportation news (and we’d understand if you were) you’ll have heard about micromobility and the rise of the scooter-share. Naysayers call it a gimmick, an invitation to thieves and vandals (there are entire Instagram accounts devoted to trashing public scooters), and a boon to personal […]

Project Titan: What We Know So Far About the Apple Car

Over the years, speculation over the next Apple product has become a way of life. Entire sites devote themselves to the dissemination of rumors and the aggregation of insider tidbits. Today I’ll pick apart the facts and rumors about the much-talked-about Apple Car. Wait, what? So I’m saying it’ll really happen? Yes, it’ll happen, and […]

Autonomous Cars and the Sketchy NSA

The NSA hits keep on coming In the past three years we’ve learned more about the NSA than we ever thought we would. And no matter how sketchy they could be in our imaginations, the reality seems to be worse with each new tidbit we receive. But at least they never planned to infect your […]

China’s Smartphone Decline and Self-Driving Car Wrecks

Why China’s decline isn’t a big deal After four years of dominance over the US market, the Chinese smartphone market is finally slowing down. In the first quarter of 2015, smartphones shipped in China fell by 4.3% compared to a year ago. Small percentage though it may be, this decline has left analysts wondering if […]

Driverless Cabs and Dreaded Trolls

No Driver? No awkward conversation! When Uber debuted, it seemed like the perfect solution to our many taxi woes. But after myriad problems both big and small, Uber’s Achilles heel was clear: its drivers. While Uber sits mired in lawsuits over their choice of drivers, Google is quietly working on the future. Ride-share using self-driving […]