The Asymmetrical Advantage of Distributed Teams

I’ve talked before about BiTE’s completely distributed team, and how I think this is one of the keys to our success. Not only does it vastly open up the talent pool when looking for new team members but it decreases turnover while increasing productivity and flexibility. I’m often asked how we deal with the “inherent …

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The Next Billion People

The electricity-defying Gravity Light Worldwide, 1.3 billion people live without any access to electricity. That’s 18% of the world’s population. So what are we doing to bring power to these people? Jim Reeves and Martin Reddiford have made an incredible step forward with their amazing Gravity Light, a portable, low-cost light that relies on no …

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Think local, act global

Think local, act global Horace Dediu takes a look at the peculiar nature of the global smartphone market. It is wildly divergent, even though computing traditionally has converged. The important consideration here – and Horace points out, maybe Apple’s team already understood this – is that there might be a far smaller chance than we …

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