Copyright trolls, the NSA, and a Failing Zynga

Copyright troll smackdown, part II Hated “copyright troll” firm Prenda Law got its just comeuppance this week, when the 9th Circuit tore it a proverbial new one while hearing oral arguments against the ruinous sanctions imposed two years ago by Judge Otis Wright. Continuing their masochistic tour of US courts, Prenda’s principals unsuccessfully argued that […]

Google gets it from all sides

Mind the Gap This week, App Annie released its findings for the first part of 2015. The results aren’t surprising, but they are important. The revenue gap between iOS and Android is steadily growing, with iOS App Store revenue a full 70% higher than Google Play. These widely diverging figures are problematic for Google. Though […]

Apple Pay’s slow start, Microsoft buys, Politicians lie

Apple Pay is Everywhere….Sorta The advent of Apple Pay ushered in a new era of point-of-sale ease. Instead of fumbling around in your wallet for cash or credit cards, you can now just tap your phone (and soon, your watch) and the transaction is complete. But in spite of the cakewalk process, the adoption is […]

The NSA and CIA invade, The Watch impresses

Freedom in your apps isn’t free In a disturbing, infuriating, freedom-challenging move typical of our post-9/11 government, it has been revealed that the NSA (and the GCHQ in the UK) has developed the ability to collect private user data (everything from location to age to sexual preference) from so-called “leaky” apps like Angry Birds. What’s […]

Net Neutrality: A Primer

  This Thursday, February 26, Net Neutrality comes up for a vote (that is, if the Republicans don’t get their wish for a delay), and it looks likely to go through. Obama has expressed his support, and the tide of public opinion is on the side of Neutrality. If you’re like a lot of people, […]