TikTok, Vine, and the Monetization of Creativity

We’ve been talking about TikTok a lot lately, and not just as an excuse to post our favorite videos (though that is certainly a nice bonus). And in a bit of accidental prescience last week we compared them to the rapidly sinking Quibi, a company whose ambition exceeded its understanding of the mobile market. TikTok, …

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Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and VIine logos

The Politics of TikTok

TikTok, if you’re the average user, is probably nothing but a wonderland of silly videos and exceptional creativity. But it’s also a global platform with 500 million active monthly users that has risen out of nowhere to become an accidental, sociopolitical powerhouse in just three years. And it’s the center of some pretty high-test controversy. …

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India's ban on TikTok solidifies the app's position as an unlikely geopolitical force.