Connecting Through Covid-19 and Beyond

BiTE is a completely remote, distributed team. That’s not COVID-related; we’ve been that way since the day we hung out our virtual shingle. As the I-guess-we’re-in-the-second-wave-even-though-the-first-never-ended pandemic rages on, and more businesses move to remote work, we’re watching businesses struggle with the shift. And the infrastructure, too. Temporary outages are more and more common (in …

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The Next Billion People

The electricity-defying Gravity Light Worldwide, 1.3 billion people live without any access to electricity. That’s 18% of the world’s population. So what are we doing to bring power to these people? Jim Reeves and Martin Reddiford have made an incredible step forward with their amazing Gravity Light, a portable, low-cost light that relies on no …

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Wearable, Global, Neutral

Intel Takes on Wearables There was a time not too long ago that Intel was synonymous with computers. If you had a PC, it came with a reassuring “Intel Inside” sticker, and if you had a Mac you were secretly embarrassed if you still had the PPC version. Fast-forward a few years, and the slow …

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Messaging: Mobile’s Killer App – stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Messaging: Mobile’s Killer App – stratēchery by Ben Thompson Another good read from Ben Thompson. He argues that messaging is the “killer app” of mobile. This pairs well with the observations of Ben Evans who has been pointing out just how many of these messaging apps are achieving a huge scale. 

What does mobile scale mean?

What does mobile scale mean? This was posted a while back by Ben Evans, but as we kick off 2014, it’s a great piece to really wrap your head around. It’s not just that smartphones are selling exponentially quickly, but rather that the fundamental nature of the internet is changing. The scale is overwhelming – …

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