To Like or Not to Like

You Like Me, You Really Like Me    Instagram has made a lot of tweaks to its user experience lately, like removing the following tab (simultaneously making it harder to stalk people and easier for us to like really embarrassing things) and changing the “explore” experience. But now it’s doing something that’s got opinions very …

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Watch and Listen

  Minority Report Here at BiTE HQ we try to be positive about the integration of technology and human life, and that’s incredibly easy to do. Impossible things happen every day — jetpacks and commercial space travel, mind-controlled prostheses and bionic exoskeletons. Because technology is amoral, responsible engineers and scientists are working to ensure we …

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Instagram and Youtube

Instagram and Youtube Ben Evans takes a look back at Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. From a pure number of users standpoint, it’s looking like an extreme bargain. Instagram was growing fast, but it’s growth has exploded post-acquisition. On the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be any clear winner for mobile sharing – photos or …

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