Corporate Surveillance, Data Privacy, and iOS 14

I have this whole rant about security prepared, but I just realized this is the Halloween edition of This Week in Mobile. So be prepared to be spooked. We’ve all sort of become inured to the fact that being on the internet means your privacy will erode away, at least to some degree. Every time […]

Control, Target, and Action in iOS 14

The target–action pattern is one of the oldest in Cocoa, and it’s used with some of the most important interface objects, namely controls (UIControl). That includes buttons (UIButton), switches (UISwitch), segmented controls (UISegmentedControl), and many others. It is also used with UIBarButtonItem because it’s button-like even though it isn’t a control (or even a view). […]

Swift 5.3 and Trailing Closures

As I write this, it’s still less than three months since WWDC 2020, and Swift 5.3 is still being licked into shape. It’s not terribly revolutionary; here are a few highlights: @main instead of @UIApplicationMain, and the ability to declare a @main struct in place of a main.swift file (SE-0281) Synthesis of Comparable conformity for […]