Picking a Photo in iOS 14

If your app puts up an interface where the user gets to choose a photo from the photos library, you’re probably familiar with UIImagePickerController. Indeed, you’re probably all too familiar with it. UIImagePickerController is a remarkably clunky, aged piece of interface, both from the user point of view and with regard to its programming API. […]

More About Split View Controllers in iOS 14

In an earlier article, I talked about how split view controllers (UISplitViewController) have been completely revamped in iOS 14. In particular, they “adapt” to the environment’s horizontal size class in a whole new way. A two-part split view has three “columns”, but they are not all displayed at the same time: The .primary and .secondary […]

Split View Controllers Done Right in iOS 14

A split view controller (UISplitViewController) is a pretty cool thing. It allows you to divide the large iPad screen into two parts, each of which is managed by a view controller in its own right. Typically, these are a master view controller and a detail view controller: on one side, the master side, is a […]

Diffable Data Sources and Data Storage — Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part article about iOS diffable data sources. If you haven’t read the first part, please go back and read it now! Inside and Outside In the first part of this article, I created a table view whose data source consisted simply of the names of the U.S. states, […]

Collection View Outlines in iOS 14

In an earlier article, I introduced collection view lists, new in iOS 14, which allow a collection view, or a section of a collection view, to imitate a table view. Collection view lists are the basis for yet another new iOS 14 feature: outlines. As Lovely as a Tree An outline is a way of […]

Collection View Lists in iOS 14, Part 2

In an earlier article, I introduced collection view lists, a new feature of iOS 14. I showed how you can easily make a collection view that looks pretty much just like a table view. Now I’d like to talk about some additional table view appearances and behaviors and how collection view lists implement them. List […]

Collection View Lists in iOS 14

One of the most significant innovations in iOS 14 is that a collection view can be configured to look and behave like a table view. A collection view of that kind is called a collection view list. A collection view list isn’t a matter of mere layout. Laying out a collection view as a single […]

Collection View Content Configuration in iOS 14

In a series of earlier articles, I introduced the iOS 14 cell content configuration architecture. My examples consisted entirely of table view cells, but I was careful to point out that exactly the same thing applies to collection view cells because UICollectionViewCell has contentConfiguration and backgroundConfiguration properties, just like UITableViewCell. A collection view cell, unlike […]