S is for Service

S is for Service Excellent piece from Horace Dediu on just why the iPhone commands so high of a price, relative to alternatives. The short answer is that it is highly subsidized by operators because the iPhone is exceptionally gifted at moving users to higher data consumption and hence higher monthly fees. Remember all those …

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C is for Cognitive Illusion

C is for Cognitive Illusion Horace Deidu breaks down the segmentation of the iPhone now that the 5s and 5c have been fully revealed. Apple’s positioning was a bit of a surprise for everyone – showing that they can still be unexpected even when their supply chain leaks almost every physical detail of the new …

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The price of the 5C

The price of the 5C Ben Evans on the one piece of information not leaked ahead of Apple’s announcement – the price of the 5C. He details out the careful balancing act that Apple must perform: price the phone at an aggressively low number and you’ll throw away profits in the US (because carrier subsidies …

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