The Innovator’s Pandemic

Before we begin, a quick note about the historical moment we find ourselves in: We are in the midst of an unprecedented, global crisis. None of us have ever experienced anything like it, and it’s difficult to know how to react from day to day. It’s OK if you find yourself snacking a lot while […]

The 4 Forces Applied: Why Microsoft’s Conversion Tool Won’t Entice iOS Developers To Windows

Microsoft’s newly announced conversion tool for bringing iOS code to Windows will not be compelling enough to move developers over. The 4 Forces help explain why. The 4 Forces are a lens used to look at why people decide to change their behavior to use a new product or service. It is a wonderfully helpful […]

Google gets it from all sides

Mind the Gap This week, App Annie released its findings for the first part of 2015. The results aren’t surprising, but they are important. The revenue gap between iOS and Android is steadily growing, with iOS App Store revenue a full 70% higher than Google Play. These widely diverging figures are problematic for Google. Though […]

Reviews are In, HBO Now, Windows Phone RIP

Reviews, Reviews, and a Limit of ONE The hotly anticipated Apple Watch is about to come into our lives, and now that tech writers everywhere have gotten their hands on one…wrists on…you know what I mean, it’s time to see what they have to say. Resoundingly and unsurprisingly the watch is being touted as the […]

Apple Pay’s slow start, Microsoft buys, Politicians lie

Apple Pay is Everywhere….Sorta The advent of Apple Pay ushered in a new era of point-of-sale ease. Instead of fumbling around in your wallet for cash or credit cards, you can now just tap your phone (and soon, your watch) and the transaction is complete. But in spite of the cakewalk process, the adoption is […]

Apple Pay, competition watch, Phire glass, and Raspberri Pi

Oh steward, another cocktail please JetBlue announced this week that they’re adding in-flight Apple Pay functionality. That means no more wrangling with crumpled dollars in the bottom of your carry-on as you try to scrape up the $9 for that thimble-sized bloody mary. But even better, we hear that you’ll be able to upgrade your […]

Apple’s Ups and Downs, Microsoft’s Disruption

Apple leaps (and spills a drop on the way) This week Apple announced it’s quarterly profit, and it was terrible. I’m kidding – we all know Apple makes more profit in an hour (~$6 million/hr in net profit) than most of us will see in a lifetime. Last quarter was no exception, ending with a […]

Microsoft’s Rigidity has Scarred Them

Microsoft is by any estimation a successful company and at a $380B market cap nobody would suggest otherwise. But over the past few years I’ve watched them go from an indomitable force to a company struggling to maintain its position. Why? Vanity Fair did an in-depth examination of the catastrophic effect of Steve Ballmer’s reign, […]