This Decade in Mobile

Photo by Roberto Nickson Ten Years of Tech   We went back and forth about how to talk about the decade. Every columnist and their brother was doing a “best of” — some about which products were most influential and some about which were most successful. But we wanted to tell you which products meant […]

Tetherless Watch, AT&T’s $100M Smackdown and Goes Blackberry Android

Breaking the Tether  Apple Watch is only a few months old, and already we’re talking about its next incarnation, supposedly to be released in 2016 (which means someone in my life is getting a hand-me-down 1st gen for their birthday). A rumored video camera will be included so users can make and receive FaceTime calls. […]

How Apple and Google are Helping Cure Humanity’s  Diseases

  Apple announced the open-platform medical research tool ResearchKit on April 15, and while it was overshadowed by news of the Apple Watch, it’s a tool with staggering potential for… well… humanity. “We are incredibly confident that [ResearchKit] will have a profound impact on all of us,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at WWDC in […]

China’s Smartphone Decline and Self-Driving Car Wrecks

Why China’s decline isn’t a big deal After four years of dominance over the US market, the Chinese smartphone market is finally slowing down. In the first quarter of 2015, smartphones shipped in China fell by 4.3% compared to a year ago. Small percentage though it may be, this decline has left analysts wondering if […]

Copyright trolls, the NSA, and a Failing Zynga

Copyright troll smackdown, part II Hated “copyright troll” firm Prenda Law got its just comeuppance this week, when the 9th Circuit tore it a proverbial new one while hearing oral arguments against the ruinous sanctions imposed two years ago by Judge Otis Wright. Continuing their masochistic tour of US courts, Prenda’s principals unsuccessfully argued that […]

Google gets it from all sides

Mind the Gap This week, App Annie released its findings for the first part of 2015. The results aren’t surprising, but they are important. The revenue gap between iOS and Android is steadily growing, with iOS App Store revenue a full 70% higher than Google Play. These widely diverging figures are problematic for Google. Though […]

Samsung flounders, The Watch, and Sony must be joking

Oh, how the mighty have fallen When Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus, mobile pundits predicted it would be a game-changer for Apple, helping them tap into the until then phablet screen market dominated by Samsung. This week, we saw how prescient those predictions were, as Apple outsold Samsung for the first time. Ever. Apple […]

Free internet, Fire flops, and iWork for all

“The internet is the ultimate vehicle for free expression. It is simply too important to allow broadband providers to make the rules.” Yesterday an historic decision was made by the FCC. In a 3-2 vote, it was decided that the Internet will be reclassified as a utility under Title II. If you’re not sure what […]