The Mobile world, the App Store soars, Latin America stumbles

The world, on mobile There is certainly no question that mobile is taking over. What was once just an adjunct to the dominant desktop is now the primary way most users connect to the internet. The most quickly adopted technical advance in human history, its proliferation has created a world linked in ways that our […]

Jobs To Be Done, Good Enough and Your Mobile App

  The basics behind Clayton Christensen Jobs-to-be-done theory is that customers buy or “hire” products and services to do jobs. Some of those jobs are quite clear: I hire the metro to take me from point A to point B. But there are other jobs for which people might hire the metro: to be eco-friendly, […]

Samsung’s IoT, Google & Title II, Marriott’s Ploy

Samsung’s IoT Hopes With the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Enormous, Apple successfully (very successfully, to the tune of 20 million units already sold) entered the large-screen market, and breached the last wall of Samsung’s dominance barriers. Watching its market share rapidly eroded by Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and Micromax, Samsung has gone into […]

Microsoft’s Rigidity has Scarred Them

Microsoft is by any estimation a successful company and at a $380B market cap nobody would suggest otherwise. But over the past few years I’ve watched them go from an indomitable force to a company struggling to maintain its position. Why? Vanity Fair did an in-depth examination of the catastrophic effect of Steve Ballmer’s reign, […]

Mobile Design Trends for 2015

Mobile is no longer a trend but the new standard. In 2014, mobile continued to pave its way to the forefront of the marketing, digital and consumer worlds. Mobile apps have greatly influenced design this past year and will continue to do so in 2015, with Apple and Google in the forefront of the design […]

Branding, the App Store and Your Mobile App Marketing

I recently talked about the importance of consistent branding in your mobile app design. Today I’ll talk about how equally vital it is that your branding be clear and consistent in the App Store as well. Franchisees: get ‘em in line If your brand has franchises, it’s essential that they adhere to the same mobile […]

Where’s the Branding in Your Mobile App?

Branding. You know, that thing you and your agency of record spent millions of dollars on so that everyone knows who you are – your name, your product, your essence. So if branding is so important, why are so many brands getting it wrong with their mobile apps? Today we’ll talk about mobile app branding […]

How to Manage Your Agency’s Mobile App UX in an Agile Environment

More brands and agencies are moving towards Agile as they realize the power, speed and efficiency of this process. But how does a product owner manage UX in an iterative environment where scope isn’t fixed? In traditional Waterfall methodology, wireframes and comps are created, internally review, edited, reviewed again, presented to the client, feedback collected, […]