Helping Your Brand Commit to Your Mobile App Development Program

If you’re the minority advocate for your brand’s mobile app program, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your brand commits. Mobile apps are a powerful platform through which brands can engage, convert and retain customers unlike ever before. Strangely, many brands continue to treat apps as necessary evils they must (but […]

Offshoring Your Mobile App Development Will Not Save You Money or Time

Offshoring may be attractive but it’s a dangerous choice.  I lived in Hyderabad, India for six months managing a large telecommunications software project. During my 20+ year career I have worked with offshore developers from all across the world: India, Eastern Europe and South America. These experiences helped me come to understand why offshore projects […]

Consistent Branding in Mobile App Development and Design

All too often brands forget that their mobile apps need the same careful and meticulous branding as any other of their advertising channels. Your brand works hard to maintain a consistent, well-defined identity, so users can easily recognize you, keep you top-of-mind and form a lasting relationship. But all too often brands forget that their […]

Why Some Brands Just Don’t Need a Mobile App

How to determine when to make an app and when to try a different method like a Responsive site. When marketing your brand, you might assume a mobile app is the way to go. You may be surprised to learn they’re not always the right choice. Apps are incredibly powerful tools that help deliver real […]

How Agile Changed the Mobile App Development Game

Why is Agile is the best choice for your brand? In 2010, I transitioned H&R Block’s mobile app development program from the fixed price/scope model to Agile. Solving many of the flawed assumptions inherent in fixed scope development was a big job but by far the largest and most beneficial shift I helped them make. […]

How iBeacons are Revolutionizing Mobile App Development and Retail

How can your mobile app benefit? iBeacons have only been around since the release of iOS 7, but already they’re revolutionizing the way people shop, bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping and helping solidify mobile’s place in the retail space. How do they work? Small, inexpensive Bluetooth transmitters, Apple calls iBeacons, “a new […]

What Your Brand Can Learn from Free-to-Play Games

Wildly successful and designed to appear light and carefree, free-to-play (FTP) games are based on decades of research on why we consume and what compels us to purchase. These games may appear to be a highly successful island unto themselves providing limited insights for non-game brands. But if we take a closer look we can […]

Making Your Mobile App and Mobile Website Work Together

Follow these two steps for a successful, holistic and cohesive mobile web and mobile app development strategy. Many brands see mobile web and apps as an either/or choice. Others try to mirror their app and mobile website or worse, withhold key features from one to help ‘encourage’ greater use of the other. All this is […]