At the Drive-In

On a warm June night in 1933, auto-parts salesman Richard Hollingshead charged Camden, New Jersey motorists 25 cents a person to watch Wives Beware from the comfort of their cars. A month before, he had patented a ramp system for cars to park at different heights so everyone could see the screen. The show was […]

Pandemics, Paid Streaming, and the Pace of Progress

Tigger, Self-portrait, 2020 We said we weren’t going to talk about anything related to…the situation this week, but COVID-19 has woven itself into everything and altered the way we live, the way we work, and the way we look to the future. Or, more specifically to today’s column, the speed with which the future is […]

Hacking to Heal

Every day there’s a new development in the global story that is the coronavirus. And because a lot of those developments are distracting, you might not notice the many that are also deeply hopeful. People around the globe are working day and night on products that could ease the burden on the medical community and […]

Let’s All Go to the Lobby

The other day when we talked about all the cool stuff announced at the last Apple event we didn’t mention Apple original films. But really, that’s kind of a big deal. Even bigger because these films will get theatrical releases.  It’s worth mentioning that historically, companies that dip their proverbial toes into markets drastically different […]

Wearable, Global, Neutral

Intel Takes on Wearables There was a time not too long ago that Intel was synonymous with computers. If you had a PC, it came with a reassuring “Intel Inside” sticker, and if you had a Mac you were secretly embarrassed if you still had the PPC version. Fast-forward a few years, and the slow […]