What are the Different Options for Location Aware Mobile Apps?

Many product owners realize that location can play a huge role in an iOS or Android app. But there are many options and permissions to consider when building in location-awareness.  Location has a long history with the smartphone; it was even a key feature in the launch of the original iPhone. When the iPhone 3G […]

The NSA and CIA invade, The Watch impresses

Freedom in your apps isn’t free In a disturbing, infuriating, freedom-challenging move typical of our post-9/11 government, it has been revealed that the NSA (and the GCHQ in the UK) has developed the ability to collect private user data (everything from location to age to sexual preference) from so-called “leaky” apps like Angry Birds. What’s […]

4 Ways API and Mobile App Development Teams Can Work Together To Ensure Security

Mobile represents new risks and unique attack vectors that require the focus of the whole organization, not just one team Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rates safes on the length of time it would take an attacker with normal tools to break in and steal your valuables. In addition, most safes are bolted to the floor from within the […]

Facebook, Twitter, Uber…all got kinda gross

If I’m not free to embarrass myself on Facebook, what is the world coming to? You’d think that after the fallout over their emotional manipulation experiment, Facebook would become the very model of discretion and privacy, and knock it off with the machiavellian shenanigans already. Just because they have access to staggering amounts of personal […]

ongoing by Tim Bray · Surveillance and the Media

ongoing by Tim Bray · Surveillance and the Media Tim Bray weighs in on the whole NSA surveillance brouhaha. Of course these overwhelming and intrusive levels of surveillance are costing American companies – there are always hidden costs to government intervention. The internet as a whole – but US internet companies in particular – will […]