The Asymmetrical Advantage of Distributed Teams

I’ve talked before about BiTE’s completely distributed team, and how I think this is one of the keys to our success. Not only does it vastly open up the talent pool when looking for new team members but it decreases turnover while increasing productivity and flexibility. I’m often asked how we deal with the “inherent […]

What a Successful Slack Implementation Looks Like

Tips to make Slack an amazing tool for your team. At BiTE, we’re huge fans of Slack. For the uninitiated, Slack is an amazing collaboration tool. It starts with chat; both person-to-person as well as group chats (“channels” in Slack parlance) are exceptional. It handles sharing files between team members, offers integrations to other services, […]

The Path Less Traveled for Talent Recruitment and Retention

According to London Business School’s Annual Global Leadership Summit poll, over a third of surveyed companies project more than 50% of their workforce will work remote by 2020. That may seem like a surprising number until you realize how much a remote workforce could benefit your company. Here’s how it benefited ours: When Brant DeBow […]

4 Ways API and Mobile App Development Teams Can Work Together To Ensure Security

Mobile represents new risks and unique attack vectors that require the focus of the whole organization, not just one team Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rates safes on the length of time it would take an attacker with normal tools to break in and steal your valuables. In addition, most safes are bolted to the floor from within the […]

Three Things We Humans Are Terrible At And What It Means For Mobile App Development

Three pitfalls of self-delusion and how humility, flexibility, and knowledge can save your mobile app development project. 1. Multitasking The term “multitasking” came from my world of computer science. Doing multiple things at once can elusively make us feel as though we are multiplying our productivity, but the actual truth is pretty damning. While you […]

More Reasons Agile is the Best Choice for Your Mobile App Development

Seven mistakes to avoid when going Agile.  Agile has been both evangelized for its ability to allow for rapid delivery of product, and dismissed as chaotic. After years of frustration with traditional project management, I have grown to love Agile. The speed with which you can complete projects, and the ability to manage cost and […]

Offshoring Your Mobile App Development Will Not Save You Money or Time

Offshoring may be attractive but it’s a dangerous choice.  I lived in Hyderabad, India for six months managing a large telecommunications software project. During my 20+ year career I have worked with offshore developers from all across the world: India, Eastern Europe and South America. These experiences helped me come to understand why offshore projects […]

Consistent Branding in Mobile App Development and Design

All too often brands forget that their mobile apps need the same careful and meticulous branding as any other of their advertising channels. Your brand works hard to maintain a consistent, well-defined identity, so users can easily recognize you, keep you top-of-mind and form a lasting relationship. But all too often brands forget that their […]