Driverless Cabs and Dreaded Trolls

No Driver? No awkward conversation! When Uber debuted, it seemed like the perfect solution to our many taxi woes. But after myriad problems both big and small, Uber’s Achilles heel was clear: its drivers. While Uber sits mired in lawsuits over their choice of drivers, Google is quietly working on the future. Ride-share using self-driving …

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What is Apple thinking?!

Apple’s latest round of App Store capriciousness indicates a huge threat to their long-term future. Apple certainly has it’s share of naysayers and doom-predictors, and there’s no shortage of people who are waiting in line to give Tim Cook advice (or call for his replacement). In general, I would disagree with all of that. Tim …

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Wait, wasn’t Twitter supposed to be dead by now?

Wait, wasn’t Twitter supposed to be dead by now? Dan Frommer with a humorous rundown of all the “Twitter-killers” throughout the past several years. Reminds me of the seemingly endless line of iPhone killers. Tech news journalism seems a little over-obsessed with ______ killer stories.