Autonomous Angst

We’ve been on board for the autonomous car revolution for a while now. Since the heady days of Apple’s maybe-defunct Project Titan, to counting the number of self-driving cars we see in Palo Alto (simple pleasures), we’re all for it. There’s something about the idea of a fleet of autonomous cars that speaks not only […]

Cars and Congress

I Hear the Secrets That You Keep, When You’re Talking in Your Sleep Last week we got a little scaremongery about the future of electronic surveillance. (Ironically we dictated part of that piece.) We talked about eavesdropping speakers and the limits of privacy, and this week, as then, there’s really no easy answer. We accept […]

Autonomy and Autocrats

Autonomy on Two Wheels Unless you’re completely shutting out all transportation news (and we’d understand if you were) you’ll have heard about micromobility and the rise of the scooter-share. Naysayers call it a gimmick, an invitation to thieves and vandals (there are entire Instagram accounts devoted to trashing public scooters), and a boon to personal […]

Uber Under

Remember when Uber was not only the “next big thing” but was hailed as the ultimate and permanent disruption of the transportation industry? Halcyon days. And it was, to a point. In just nine years it went from charming San Francisco novelty to global behemoth with its hands in everything from food delivery to freight. […]

Bomb of money hundred dollar bills with a burning wick.

Why Uber, Snapchat and Tinder are So Successful Despite Themselves

  Mobile Apps have created a new generation of tech moguls. As with everything in mobile, app innovations move at lightning speeds, and so does the creation of billionaire entrepreneurs. Take 23-year old CEO and co-founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel. Snapchat has a current valuation of $10 billion. Just to get a little perspective, Spiegel […]

Facebook, Twitter, Uber…all got kinda gross

If I’m not free to embarrass myself on Facebook, what is the world coming to? You’d think that after the fallout over their emotional manipulation experiment, Facebook would become the very model of discretion and privacy, and knock it off with the machiavellian shenanigans already. Just because they have access to staggering amounts of personal […]