The Evolution of Post-Amazon Retail and Your Mobile App Development

post-amazon retail

Three Ways Your Mobile App Can Help You Compete

It’s hard to believe that retail giant Amazon only started in 1996. I remember when they were an interesting novelty, and now they dominate nearly every area of retail space from book publishing to food. 47% of shoppers said that online is their favorite place to shop, and this is due in large part to the meteoric rise of companies like Amazon.

Thanks to their heavily downloaded and highly rated mobile app, Amazon has made mobile showrooming harder than ever for everyone else. Today I’ll talk about four ways your brand’s mobile app can keep up.

1. Beacons 

If you have a physical store, Beacons are essential. Imagine how satisfying it would be for the customer to walk through the doors and know exactly where they’re going, and where their desired product is.

Beacons are low-cost, easy to install in your store (and easy to integrate into your app) and use Bluetooth to trigger alerts, send messages and provide nearly limitless, instantaneous information to the shopper.

For the retailer, this converts into a faster sales cycle, more productive employees and greater sales volume.

2. Faster Payments

Whether you’re a physical or virtual store the payment process is a crucial part of the user experience. Too slow or cumbersome and customers are going to abandon and take their business elsewhere. Remember, you’re competing against things like Amazon’s 1-Click checkout.

Your app should make it as easy (and fast) as possible for the customer to checkout. Making a smooth and quick payment experience reduces the possibility of drop-off. Secure and instantaneous payment methods like Apple Pay mean the user never has to enter a credit card number, personal information is never exposed and checkout takes seconds.

3. No Price Shrouding

Price Shrouding may work for some, but in the post-Amazon retail space, it’s becoming a relic tactic. Offer a competitive, straightforward price every day users can easily find through their app. Smartphones dispel all shadows, and consumers are more discerning than ever.

In one survey, a full 50% of millennials prefer to research their product online and then buy in-store. Consumers know what they’re doing these days. A transparent, findable and competitive price will help drive these shoppers into your store.

4. Push Value

Keep your app and your store top of mind by delivering real value through push notifications. They’re an invaluable way to communicate with customers about sales, special promotions and discounts. Sophisticated push notifications can help re-engage inactive customers and even remind them when items have been left in their carts.

According to the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, 66% of top retailers with an app use push notifications. Used judiciously, they increase engagement, sales and retention.

These days, consumers come in armed with more detailed product information, pricing and reviews than many sales associates. It is essential for retailers to adapt or wither under the shadow of the giants. 

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