Envision, create and prove traction

Great products know what they are…and are not. They target a narrow set of problems and address each one exceptionally well.
  • Switch Interviews
  • Jobs-To-Be-Done
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Agile Development
  • Market Testing

Switch Interviews

Our deep, qualitative process unearths the functional, social and emotional problems (jobs) your customers really want solved.

Switch interviews paint a picture of your customers’ buyer’s journey, uncovering context, revealing nuance and generating real answers. With a target sample of about 10-12, Switch Interviews can be tailored to either new customers or those who’ve recently switched to another product.


Armed with the deep insights gained from our Switch Interviews, we define the features, platforms and devices that map directly to your customers unique jobs. We validate the business cases and produce a prioritize road map to determine Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release.

Behavior Driven Development

BDD ensures seamless communication between our client product owners and the entire BiTE team. And It is critical to the success of each of our app projects. Behavior Driven Development reveals a wide range of edge cases, happy/sad path scenarios and clearly defines what should be built before wireframes, comps or a single line of code is written. BDD is one of the most effective ways we reduce cost, speed time to market and build rock solid mobile.

Agile Development

Great products don’t come from a requirements documentation -- they evolve from real-world usage, aggressive adaptation and a commitment to constant iteration. Agile enables us to quickly respond to user testing, technology improvements and business opportunities to create the best possible mobile products at remarkable speed and efficiency.

Market testing

Market testing provides the most valuable product feedback and is the only means to validate your product. We help our clients reach their target users, begin traction testing. We evaluate the KPIs and other vital analytics to inform the next round of Switch Interviews and product iterations.

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